Terms of Use

Only current members are allowed to display the SCAM-X seal. Any unauthorized use of the seal is a violation of law and will be dealt with accordingly. Any refused or dismissed members continuing to use our seal will be notified and given time to remove the seal and MUST do so.

After a complaint is received we will contact the member involved. The member will be given 7 days to contact the consumer and resolve the issue. Most complaints are resolved through an offer of refund by the member. If after 14 days the complaint remains unresolved and there has been no offer of refund, the members seal is subject to suspension or revokation. If a complaint is withdrawn it does not affect the member. Members agree to give refunds as directed by SCAM-X as a resolution to most complaints. Complaints can be withdrawn at any time by SCAM-X or the complainant. Members and complainants understand that any correspondence, documentation and/or conversations may be used in the complaint process.

Unreasonable Complaints
All complaints are investigated. SCAM-X reserves the right to disregard any complaint determined to be "unreasonable" by our staff. This determination will be made after both parties are heard and the circumstances are considered.

Refusal / Dismissal of Members
SCAM-X reserves the right to refuse any potential members based on a review of site content, business practices or complaints. No "adult" or "offensive" sites are considered for membership. SCAM-X also reserves the right to dismiss any member determined to have "excessive" resolved or unresolved complaints.

SCAM-X reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Use at any time without notice, however, any changes will be posted here.


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