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  • Members of SCAM-X may display the SCAM-X Seal, showing their customers that their site is a trusted web site.
  • Members web sites are listed in the SCAM-X Directory of SCAM-X Trusted
    web sites (directory is currently being developed).

  • Joining SCAM-X
    Join now simply filling in the form below. You will be directed to a secure payment gatway provided by Paypal. Once your payment has been processed, our staff will immediately begin the process of getting your site appoved to display the SCAM-X Seal. The preliminary approval is usually complete within a day and you will be notified and provided with your SCAM-X Seal html code. If your site can not be approved, you will receive an immediate and 100% full refund.

    Set up Fee
    The regular $25.00 set up fee is waived for a limited time. FREE account set up!

    Membership Fee
    The current yearly fee of $27.00 will remain in effect for the life of your membership. We will be raising this fee in the future, however, by joining at the lower rate, you will lock in this price forever. Your fee will never go up! You may cancel your membership at any time.

    Your information will not be sold, traded, or given to anyone...ever!
    You will only be contacted by our staff in an effort to verify information.  

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